Think On Your Feet®: More than Public Speaking

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Think On Your Feet ®: More than Public Speaking

Public Speaking with Think On Your Feet - Clarity, Brevity & Impact

While Think On Your Feet® will improve anybody’s public speaking skills, it can also make a real difference to those who want to get their message across, be understood and be remembered. That could be anywhere from the monthly team meeting to a chance encounter with the MD in the office corridor.

Here’s how: Thinking & the Brain  Effective communication relies on us being able to get the ‘logical’ left and ‘intuitive’ right sides of our brain to work together. This doesn’t just happen – it’s something we have to consciously action. Thinking & Structure  The secret of engaging both the left & right sides of your brain is structure. Structure allows the left side of the brain to package the ideas produced by the right side. This means you can work smart (not hard) to deliver your message with Clarity, Brevity & Impact®. Clear Thinking™ leads to Clear Speaking  There are 3 principles of clear communication:
  • Analysis – Get to the core of your message quickly
  • Separation – Keep ideas distinct to avoid confusion
  • Movement – Make your logic flow to give energy and impact
The Qualities of a Persuasive Plan 
  • Clarity – Know exactly what you want to say & how to format your argument
  • Coherence – Bind together the components of your argument so that it unfurls in a powerfully compelling sequence
  • Vividness – Make movies of your words
  • Rhythm – Move your audience with flowing rhythms which work on their subconscious
To learn more about Think On Your Feet® download the Brochure here. [traininglist slug=”think-on-your-feet-2-days”]  ]]>

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