de bono Channel 4 Television

Thinking & Creativity Training

“Using the de Bono techniques we have generated more ideas in two days than we had done in the previous six months.”

Channel 4 Television

de Bono Conoco

Thinking & Creativity Training

Six Hats is the missing link between understanding different styles of thinking and constructively using them.”


de Bono Federal Express

Thinking & Creativity Training

“Six Thinking Hats honours all thinking preferences … everyone can participate and contribute … ideas can be holistically viewed and fine-tuned.”

Federal Express

de Bono ABB

Thinking & Creativity Training

Six Thinking Hats has proven to be very efficient in improving working in teams in ABB. Especially in international teams where it takes a long time to get to know each other and cope with cultural differences.

With Six Hats it is possible to gain results in two days which before took a month.”


de Bono Labatts

Thinking & Creativity Training

Six Thinking Hats has enabled people to improve day-to-day operations and contributes to a reduction in stress, turmoil and resistance to change.”


de Bono Countrywide Porter Novelli

Thinking & Creativity Training

“The de Bono techniques have been used to speed up the sales process – in fact on one occasion the results of a customary 6 week development period were achieved in just 2 hours – and with a better programme for the client”.

Countrywide Porter Novelli

de Bono Gallaher

Thinking & Creativity Training

“We had been discussing ad naseum for two months what we should do in response to the elimination of Duty Free. Using Six Hats we came to a decision in 10 minutes.”


de Bono J.P. Morgan

Thinking & Creativity Training

“It has reduced meeting times by up to 75%, and changed our culture across Europe.”

J.P. Morgan

de Bono NHS

Thinking & Creativity Training

“The Six Hats Thinking approach to the morning really did keep us focused and did not permit that time consuming ‘dissent’ element that so often creeps in.
Using ‘Hats’ empowered all members of the Workshop to contribute objectives and ideas effectively to the business planning process in a fully inclusive way.”