McQuaig NAVMAN Europe

McQuaig Psychometric System

“There is definitely life before and after McQuaig. The reports have been extremely useful and we are gradually getting ‘semi-addicted!’”


McQuaig Marriott Hotels

McQuaig Psychometric System

“We are delighted to be associated with Holst. The service is outstanding, the systems are simple to administer. The McQuaig Word Surveys are extraordinarily accurate & easy to understand.”

Marriott Hotels

McQuaig SeeBeyond

McQuaig Psychometric System

“We have also used it in preparation for team building events, as well as general job profiling. The back office support from Holst is second to none and we have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations.”


McQuaig Fisher Meredith

McQuaig Psychometric System

“Having used a variety of different psychometric tools in the past I have found McQuaig to be the most flexible. It ranks with the best in terms of accurate description of character and ability.

Fisher Meredith

McQuaig Nicholas Orr Associates

McQuaig Psychometric System

“The most compelling reason to use McQuaig is the unsurpassed customer and after sales support which makes it the most effective system I know.”

Nicholas Orr Associates

McQuaig Campbell Hooper

McQuaig Psychometric System

“Someone might come across well socially and sell high during the interview, but then fail to deliver.

McQuaig helps draw that out – you can see in a profile that it might occur, so you could be extra diligent when checking that person’s background and achievements. It’s a small part of a bigger picture but a very important part.”

Campbell Hooper

Dynamic Speaking Uniq Foods

Business Communication Skills Training

Dynamic Speaking has been a huge hit. One of the best programmes I have invested in this year.”

Uniq Foods

McQuaig Caffe Nero

McQuaig Psychometric System

“Our unlimited usage licence means we can continue to use McQuaig  with no additional cost during a time when other companies are cutting back”

Caffe Nero

de Bono Du Pont

Thinking & Creativity Training

“The productivity and quality of ideas and actions generated by this technique has been nothing short of phenomenal.”

Du Pont