Six Thinking Hats® Room Opens

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On 7th November 2007 – The Six Thinking Hats® Room at the Royal Mail’s Innovation Lab, sponsored by Holst, has been opened by Dr Edward de Bono.The Six Thinking Hats® Room is the first of its kind in the world. Located within the Royal Mail’s Coton House Management Centre, it will be used by groups using Dr Edward de Bono’s famous parallel thinking method.  It was officially opened by Dr de Bono followed by a talk to over 100 selected delegates from the Royal Mail and Holst Group clients. In an interactive session, Dr de Bono spoke about the history of thinking, Lateral Thinking and the Six Thinking Hats®.  Delegates were then invited to tour the iLab.  This groundbreaking space is in Dr de Bono’s words, “The most Innovative and Creative environment I have seen globally”.The iLab is separated into different ‘zones’. Using creative play and discovery, users are guided through their challenges by professional facilitators. They are helped to face the relevant facts and problems that are getting in the way. They are then encouraged to develop ideas, solutions and strategies to implement them. All in an engaging and fun way.Holst is the first and most experienced distributor of the de Bono Tools and Techniques in UK and EMEA. Their partnership with Dr de Bono extends back 13 years and is unique in the UK with Stuart Scott, one of only 15 de Bono Master Trainers globally, as a full time member of staff.

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