Spotlight on Senior Consultant, Grant Taylor

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Grant Taylor Senior Consultant at HolstGrant Taylor is the most recent addition to Team Holst. But in less than a year, Grant has his feet firmly under the table and is central to driving our business forward. Meet Grant Taylor in this quick Q&A to find out how he sees his client-facing role.

Grant, how long have you been with Holst and why did you join us?
G: I am the baby of the bunch – although not by age I hasten to add! I joined Holst in September 2017. So far, my time here has been enjoyable and really enlightening. I knew someone that worked here. I was originally looking to introduce Holst as a partner to a HR software company I worked for in the past. However, the more we talked, the more I wanted to know about The McQuaig Psychometric System and Holst’s other products. It just so happened that they were looking for someone to join the sales team and we clicked. Some would say it was fate!
Can you sum up your Senior Consultant role in one sentence?
G: I help organisations understand the benefits of working with Holst.
How has Holst changed over the years?
G: Although I am fairly new to the company, I know that a lot has changed over the last few years. The structure is now very different and we have much more control over what we do and how we do it. When I joined Holst I was told it was ‘a best kept secret’. Whilst this has a nice sentiment to it, it’s not where a commercial business should be. The changes we made help both our existing and prospective clients understand how we can support them with the day to day challenges they face.
What is the best bit about your job?
G: The WOW factor! This is when I feed back a psychometric profile and the person receiving the feedback just can’t believe how accurate it is! It happens a lot.
And what’s the worst? Be honest …
G: I am not sure I have found one yet! I guess the most frustrating part is people not knowing what Holst is and what we do. It goes back to being that ‘best kept secret’.
What makes Holst special?
​G: The Holst family! In other words the people. We all share the desire to work hard, help our clients and have fun while we do it.
Do you have any little known talents that you’d like to share with us?​
G: I’m a near professional horse-chauffeur. My teenage daughter competes with her horse most weekends – my other job is to be her groom!
Grant is always happy to meet with clients – past, present and future – to explain how the McQuaig Psychometric System and Holst’s professional development portfolio can benefit your organisation. Contact Grant Taylor on 0203 111 9292 or to arrange a meeting.

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