Merry Christmas from Team Holst

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Phew! 2019 has been quite a ride for Team Holst. New website, new direction and new products! Here's a little about what we got up to this year ... read on to the bottom for our Christmas & New Year closing dates.

The birth of The Holst Series & Workplace Effectiveness

The Holst portfolio of assessments and training workshops has always covered what it takes to create an effective workplace. But we wanted to be clearer about how our assessments, training workshops and coaches can help an organisation of any size to achieve workplace effectiveness. We developed The Holst Series to give organisations effective options that improve morale and therefore increase productivity in their workplaces.

The effective workplace is based on four key elements: Strong Leadership, Future Looking, Resilient Culture and Focus on People. When organisations get these right, the sky is the limit!

The new Holst website

What can we say?! A new website may not really involve blood, sweat and tears. But anyone who has ever gone through the process will understand the frustration it creates! But we got there and are thrilled with the result.

Our visiting interns from Chuo

Every year we host a group of business students from Chuo University in Japan. We always look forward to meeting them and hearing their ideas about what we could do better. There’s also the obligatory River Thames boat trip with our guests. After our 2018 interns enjoyed a blissfully sunny day, this year’s group had the more authentic experience of cold, wind and rain! A true British experience! They bore it remarkably well…

The launch of flowprofiler®

Make no mistake, this was huge. 

Three years ago, we surveyed our clients on what was missing from the market that would make a tangible difference to their organisation. Top ranking were the areas of developing  social & emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation in the workplace. Armed with this information, Chalmers International set out to develop a ground breaking assessment and training tool that would meet this need.

The result was the flowprofiler® family of assessments, training and coaching. Holst exclusively launched this awesome new tool to clients on the flowing River Thames in June, with subsequent events in the Autumn. We are delighted with the feedback from clients so far, and look forward to continuing to promote the benefits it brings in 2020 and beyond.

Read more about flowprofiler®  and request your free trial here.

Community at Christmas

This year we are supporting the NOMAD youth and community project & food bank at the d:two centre in our home town of Henley-on-Thames. Henley is usually seen as the affluent home of The Henley Royal Regatta, but like everywhere there are people coping with complex social and economic issues. We hope that our contributions will help to make Christmas happier and easier for someone in our community.

What will 2020 bring for Holst?

With the focus set to continue on The Holst Series and flowprofiler®, we will also rebrand our website. The McQuaig Institute in Toronto has recently rebranded and we will follow suit. We also plan to streamline the site and improve the UX. We’re open to suggestions from McQuaig users, so please drop a line to if you have a special request. 

McQuaig Online 2 (affectionately known as MO2) is still under wraps, but is set to emerge early in 2020. We will keep you posted on what that means for McQuaig users.

We hit the road in October and November, taking flowprofiler® to Leeds and London. We have more of the same planned for 2020. Watch out for dates, Team Holst is coming to a town near you soon! 

And finally ... Holst & McQuaig closing dates for Christmas & New Year

The office will close at 5pm on Monday 23rd December and reopen at 9am on Thursday 2nd January 2020. We will respond to business critical requests for assistance via voicemail and email during this period.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! See you on the other side! 

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