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If your organisation has an Unlimited Licence for The McQuaig System then you have ready access to many features you may not know about.

The McQuaig Job Survey®

This role benchmarking tool helps you and your colleagues define and benchmark the behavioural requirements for any role. It provides a list of targeted, role-specific interviewing questions to draw examples from the candidate’s past experience. Download a sample report here and see the quick user guide for more help.

Case study:discover how one client saved £45k in 12 months by implementing the McQuaig Job Survey

The McQuaig Job Survey® will:
  • build an “ideal” benchmark and enhance the role specification
  • help you to define the role thoroughly and build an outline of major responsibilities and challenges.
Research has shown that it is temperament, attitudes and emotional maturity, as opposed to education and technical designation that lead to success.

Questions? For more help call your McQuaig Consultant or phone 0203 111 9292.

For a full list of areas The McQuaig System can help your organisation click on ‘The McQuaig Map’ below.

More? Learn from The Psychometric Blog and collaborate at the LinkedIn McQuaig Group  

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