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Emotional intelligence is a vital skill for people to be able to thrive in the workplace. It provides a greater ability to self-regulate, with higher levels of motivation and resilience, which encourage better performance.
  • Do you want to improve your employee engagement?
  • Are your teams emotionally resilient?
  • Do you want to develop sustainable, high-performing teams?
  • Is your workplace culture open, motivated and collaborative?
Why you should ask these questions, and how flowprofiler® answers them

Leaders with higher emotional intelligence can help their teams to collaborate more effectively and identify the specific drivers that motivate individuals. Staff are more able to adapt and cope with change and provide better team working, collaboration and innovation.

An emotionally intelligent organisation benefits from engaged staff and leaders who work together to maximum effectiveness. Where people are motivated, productive, efficient and fully aligned with the ethos of the organisation, then they excel in leadership, management and teamwork.

The flowprofiler® family is part of our portfolio of assessments, courses and coaching. It provides the tools required for development and recruitment in the fields of resilience, motivation and emotional intelligence. The resulting assessments and reports provide individuals and teams with a way to identify their underlying qualities, develop their potential and turn this into a more effective workplace performance.

The flowprofiler® family tools

eqflow® measures an individual’s emotional and social intelligence in the workplace
focusing on:

● Emotional awareness
● Self-confidence
● Emotional regulation
● Regard for others
● Social awareness

The emotional intelligence advantage with eqflow® is our emotional intelligence workshop to develop self-awareness and self-management strategies across emotional and social intelligence.

resilienceflow® is an online normative assessment measuring an individual’s resilience with
regard to how they approach their job based on:

● Assertiveness
● Optimism
● Unbiased
● Self-esteem
● Perseverance
● Adaptability

resilienceflow® promotes a positive mindset, offering unique insights into the user’s
assertiveness and how well they can adapt to change. It identifies whether they can endure challenges and bounce back from them, as well as how they view themselves. The resilience advantage with  resilienceflow® workshop encourages the user to retain a positive attitude and mindset in all circumstances. They can explore other possibilities with the view of finding better outcomes and solutions in the workplace.

motivationflow® measures an individual’s motivation in the workplace and includes:

● Autonomy
● Growth
● Recognition
● Collaboration
● Well-being
● Reward
● Purpose

motivationflow® provides insight into the user’s well-being and their attitude towards work-life balance, and to personal and professional growth. You can see how the user derives meaning from the work they do and to what degree they value their contribution to the organisation. This tool provides feedback on how much control over their work they enjoy, and to what extent they value and nurture relationships within the workplace. The motivation advantage with motivationflow® is our motivation workshop where you can develop strategies to engage and stay motivated.

The flowprofiler® combines eqflow®, resilienceflow® and motivationflow® in one powerful tool. It is an online psychometric assessment that measures across 18 different observable behaviours. It uniquely assesses resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence in the workplace. It is a great tool for any leadership programme.

Everyone deserves the chance to develop personal excellence in the workplace. The flowprofiler® family helps individuals develop self-awareness in how they behave both day-to-day and under pressure at work. Armed with this information, they can begin to observe the impact of their behaviour. This allows them to evaluate the results they are getting, to see if there are any changes they would like to, or should, make.

For more information or to request a demo, contact Holst on or +44 (0) 203 111 9292.

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