Grant Taylor shares his business writing course experience

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I wasn’t looking forward to a business writing course! I wanted to make my written word more current, and I know that I use too many fluffy words (the truly, madly, deeply scenario). Yet, the thought of sitting in a classroom for two days with people who were clearly going to be far brainier than me, filled me with dread!
How wrong can one be? Engage Your Reader was superb. A fun, open learning environment where, dare I say it, you weren’t afraid to ‘put your hand up’ and ask questions, or to have a go and make the odd mistake.
‘Back to school’ worries turn into learning fun.
I was pleased that I recalled what a noun, verb and adjective were. Finding out about ‘naughty nouns’ and the elements of the course, recapped through games, proved to be a revelation! We had a mixed class. Those who were used to writing copy for articles, websites, etc and those of us who weren’t. It didn’t matter, the first day whizzed by. And, by the end of it, we were all looking at words, sentences and paragraphs in a different way. We went home buzzing and I couldn’t help myself looking at the newspaper in a wholly new way. Day two was more challenging, but of equal value. We started and ended the day with games. These not only identified those high ‘Ds’ in the room, but was the perfect way to reinforce what we had learnt. I wasn’t sure if I believed it, but page 8 of the course book states “Anyone can write!” Well, it must be true as I have never written a blog before! Does this mean that I will write ‘that’ book? I’m not sure, but it seems that fun in learning does exist. If you’d like to know more about how Engage Your Reader can generate maximum impact on your readers, contact me on 0203 111 9292 or

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