flowprofiler®: Supporting Growth and Development

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Building and maintaining teams that can approach every situation with a perspective of emotional intelligence is key for the success of every organisation.

Being aware of those around you and having a good understanding about emotions is an incredible asset, and leaders using emotional intelligence to improve relationships, will find greater loyalty from their teams, and ultimately a better overall performance.

How flowprofiler® can support your organisation’s initiatives

The flowprofiler® family provides your people with the insight to make positive changes to their behaviours and to thrive in the workplace. The flowprofiler® family of assessments, training and coaching are key to ensuring workplace effectiveness.

Emotional intelligence makes the difference between an effective leader and manager, and everyone else. Hugely beneficial to both organisations and individuals, we’re confident that flowprofiler® is essential to understanding how individuals perform in their roles.

Focus on People

Introducing the flowprofiler® family into your recruitment and assessment process will enable you to create a sustainable, resilient human resource plan by encouraging better job-fit. flowprofiler® helps you to foster the cultivation of a workplace culture that encourages emotional intelligence, develops resilience and understands its people’s motivations. Make your organisation the employer of choice by offering professional development opportunities that benefit your people’s personal and professional lives.

Strong Leaders

flowprofiler® supports the development of self-awareness, self-regulation, relationship building, resilience and motivation, all key behaviours for strong leaders within a workplace.

Employee Engagement

flowprofiler® is a highly adaptable and flexible tool for the workplace. It enables you to develop your people to create stronger, all-round performers. Improve professional relationships and team working through increased social intelligence, awareness and self-regulation. A person must be motivated to be engaged in the workplace. They need to be self-aware, accountable to themselves and take ownership for how they feel and manage situations. flowprofiler® supports these objectives.

Workplace Values

flowprofiler® helps organisations and their people to be clear and aligned with their core values. This is essential to self-awareness, and therefore important to effective management. Shared values should be at the heart of decisions taken, including how you work with, and influence, others.

Organisational Resilience

A culture of organisational resilience enables an organisation to thrive and innovate, with its people remaining optimistic, adaptable and motivated whatever the challenges. flowprofiler® develops personal resilience and motivation which are essential to facilitate any change management programme successfully.

Dealing with Pressure

The flowprofiler® family can help you to understand and develop your own emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation. Pressures and changing environments mean that people more than ever need to be equipped with the tools to help them review and assess their behaviour, and that of others around them, and adapt accordingly.

Employee Well-Being

flowprofiler® training and coaching supports individuals to develop their emotional intelligence and personal resilience – crucial for employee wellness and well-being, and for overall organisational health.

the flowprofiler® is a highly accurate and reliable assessment of emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation in the workplace. flowprofiler® enables you to improve the performance of your workforce by assessing and providing feedback on key emotions and behaviours. It helps you to understand why people behave the way they do and how to maximise their engagement with and performance at work.
For more information or to request a demo, contact Holst on hello@weareholst.com or +44 (0) 203 111 9292.

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