Create a Good Impression – How Does Structure Work?

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Create a Good Impression – How Does Structure Work? Look at this number: 100000000. What is it?Pattern recognition from Think On Your Feet from Holst It takes a second or third look, doesn’t it? What if we write it like this: 100,000,000 The problem disappears. The first number is not clear, the second is. Why? Because of the structure, which gives a recognisable pattern to all the zeros. The consequence is clarity. Pattern recognition is an essential survival strategy for the brain. We could not handle all the data our senses receive if we were not able to decipher patterns. In seminars, we sometimes illustrate this with a little trick. Try it out loud as you read. How do you pronounce the word spelled S-H-O-P? (Did you say ‘shop’?) Now, how do you pronounce the word spelled C-R-O-P? (‘Crop’?) Finally, what do you do when you come to a green light? (????) And, you’ve guessed it, most say ‘stop’. (It probably works better live than in print. Try it with your family tonight.)

Pattern recognition

Clearly, our brains are attracted to ‘patterns’–even, as in this case, an unhelpful pattern built on the sound ‘op’. Pattern recognition is a highly successful life-coping strategy, except when trainers play tricks on you! When we know how to ‘pattern’ our ideas quickly, we not only enhance our own ‘survival’ chances, we also do our listeners a big favour. Their brains will be grateful for the clarity. And so will they! Even better perhaps, our own brain will be more ‘relaxed’ with a structure to follow. The result is lower stress for us. Next time we look at More Benefits of Structure. Think On Your Feet® is a terrific 2-day workshop that will give you dynamic structures to strategically position your message giving you the spit and polish your delivery deserves. It really is the art of impromtu speaking.]]>

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