Spotlight on Commercial Director, Jo Emmerson

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Jo Emmerson

Jo Emmerson is Commercial Director here at Holst, heading up the Sales & Marketing Team. With a career spanning SMEs to global organisations, Jo brings real client focus and drive to what we do.

Learn more about Jo in this quick Q&A …
Jo, how long have you been with Holst and why did you join us?
J: I joined Holst 18 months ago. I wanted to be part of a progressive and exciting work environment, working with quality products, service and people.
How has Holst changed since you joined us?
J: Holst has changed significantly in the last 18 months. We focus more on visiting our clients. It’s important that we take the time to fully understand their business needs. We have also made big changes to our professional development portfolio. Feedback told us that our clients want ROI-focused training programmes which actually deliver the key skills of communication, creativity and facilitation. We took a hard look at what we were offering and have developed a series of training products for 2018/19 that are fit for purpose in a challenging business environment. We’re especially excited to offer two outstanding new business communications skills courses ‘Engage Your Reader™‘ and ‘ThinkSpeak™‘.  We chose these additions to our portfolio not only for their content quality, but also because each course delivers exceptional results in just one day.
What is the best bit about your job?
J: Working with people, our amazing clients and amazing colleagues.
And what’s the worst? Be honest …
J: Recruiting for new people, sometimes it’s hard to make the right decision, thankfully the McQuaig Psychometric System helps significantly with this process.
What’s your favourite Holst product?
Without a doubt, my favourite Holst training product is Dr Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking. It’s the most engaging course I’ve done. I left believing that I am creative, which is certainly not how I would have described myself before the workshop.
What makes Holst special?
J: The Holst Group is special because we practice what we preach. We believe in aspirational, positive and progressive work environments. We believe the right organisation exists for everyone. We help organisations develop their workplace identity.
What would you say is your special talent?​
J: I’ve been told that I’m very good at getting things done. It might not have been put as carefully as that though! I like to think that I’m direct but in a positive way. In fact, that’s accurately reflected in my McQuaig profile!
Jo is always happy to meet with current and prospective clients to explain how the McQuaig Psychometric System and our range of training & development products can benefit any organisation of any size and sector.
Contact Jo Emmerson on 0203 111 9292 or

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