Why not certify in our self and team development courses? Give your people insights and help them succeed.

Great team development starts with great self-development. With our trainer certifications, you will make the difference. Your people will become more self-aware, better able to manage their differences with others, and engage more effectively.Team Development

Psychometric Testing

Our team development course is called Effective Teams, and it uses psychometric testing to gain valuable insights into the core temperaments of individual team members. As a Certified Trainer, you will teach and mentor your group through more effective team dynamics, valuing diversity within the team, and tips for managing each other.

Self Development Survey

Our self and team development courses use the McQuaig Psychometric System and the specialist McQuaig Self Development Survey as their framework. You will lead your course with great information about the individuals, already knowing why some of the interpersonal challenges they face might occur.

Effective Teams

Effective Teams specifically uses this information to benefit and improve team working. Combined with fun learning activities, it is terrific as a team development course. As a Certified Trainer, you will enjoy helping groups connect the dots for better team outcomes.

Team effectiveness saves organisations money and increases productivity and morale. When a team is working well together, the workplace is more pleasant and effective. A team development course is a great way to influence and engage the teams in your business to do and be better.

Effective You!

Effective You! focuses on self-development, rather than team development. Once again, participants will use the McQuaig Self Development Survey as the focus of their learning and development. Each of your participants will leave with a comprehensive report full of insights and actions to reinforce their learning and continue their journey. Your classroom will love this course, as it is all about them. Effective You! will give them the language to express themselves and communicate their needs effectively.

We’ve come across several organisations really struggling to come up with fresh ways to develop individuals. Our courses provide tangible tools and outcomes individuals and managers can work with long after the course has finished. As their trainer, you will influence self-awareness, confidence, and general effectiveness.

Whether you are interested in certifying to become a self or team development trainer, both Effective Teams and Effective You! will be a great addition to your trainer’s portfolio.


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