Become certified to present technical training for McQuaig Psychometric Tests.

Psychometric testing is great way to ensure retention, recruit people who fit the job, and monitor morale. Our trainer certifications in the McQuaig Psychometric tests fall into two categories:

  • In-house and Independent Trainers.
  • McQuaig Tests Technical Training – Trainer Certification.

In-house and Independent Trainers

In-house Trainer

This is perfect for our larger McQuaig Unlimited Access clients. Clients tell us that having an internal Certified Trainer allows them to scale the use of McQuaig tests through their business quickly. This in turn ensures the organisation is taking full advantage of the McQuaig Psychometric System.

Independent Trainers

We are always looking for talented trainers to join our team. If you are a freelance trainer based in the UK and have a genuine interest in psychometric tests, we would like to speak with you. As a successful candidate you will sub-contract to the Holst training for both public and in-house courses.

Technical Interpreter Training

This trainer certification qualifies you to train people to become Level 1 and 2 McQuaig Interpreters.

McQuaiq Level 1 Infographic

Level 1 McQuaig Certificate:

This Trainer Certification will qualify you to present our Level 1 McQuaig Certificate Interpreter training. This is an introduction to McQuaig psychometric tests. Your participants leave this training able to interpret results to an introductory level, and understand how and when to use each of the psychometric tests and administer them to a BPS (The British Psychological Society) standard.

For more information on the Level 1 McQuaig Certificate training visit our dedicated site.


Level 2 Accredited McQuaig Interpreter:

A Level 2 Trainer Certification in McQuaig Tests qualifies you to present this course, which accredits Level 2 Accredited McQuaig Interpreter Infographicparticipants as Accredited McQuaig Interpreters in our psychometric tests. Level 2 training includes profile interpretation to a level 2 standard, working with real life and more complicated profiles, and building confidence when working with these tools.

Visit our McQuaig site for more information on Level 2 Accredited McQuaig Interpreter Training.


The Process

psychometric tests - trainer certification

Our Trainer Certifications are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Our process will ensure you possess the competencies to interpret McQuaig psychometric tests and, in turn, teach others.


Pre-requisite: Experience in working with psychometric tests is preferred.








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