Train others to be great facilitators with our facilitation courses.

Facilitation is one of the great skills of a leader. Leaders facilitate conversations, meetings and negotiations all the time. Our facilitation courses applyFacilitation Courses with Holst to business leaders as well as to experienced facilitators who run larger sessions. With our trainer certifications, you get to make a difference and show people how to use these tools with great effect. Participants not only become good facilitators, they become better thinkers. In addition, they also improve at creating space for others and hosting conversations. Help develop the facilitation skills of your people with our fabulous facilitation courses.

de Bono Courses

Our range of facilitation courses is extensive and they are fit for purpose. How you choose which courses to be certified in will depend on the needs of the people you are going to train. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a great place to start, as the application of the Six Thinking Hats is broad. Your people will be able to facilitate discussions and also use the techniques learnt for coaching and personal thinking.

Are you looking for a facilitation course that will help your people with innovation? If your organisation is undertaking an innovation project, you will want to consider Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking. Lateral Thinking will enable your people to run ideas generation sessions as well as the types of deep evaluation sessions true innovation requires. They will be able to facilitate the entire process from start to finish.

Facilitation Basics

Within our facilitation courses we offer Facilitation Basics. Facilitation Basics is perfect if you have people just starting out as facilitators. As a Certified Trainer, you will train your participants in basic facilitation skills. This will, in turn, give them confidence in areas such as people dynamics, room layout, materials to use, and different types of available facilitation techniques.


RapidConsensus is one of the most popular of our facilitation courses. As a Trainer, you will train your people in The Four Season Model, teaching them to get results and consensus fast. This is an awesome 1-day course.

Our range of facilitation courses will enable you to teach your people key facilitation skills. They will become more effective facilitators, better meeting chairs, and stronger leaders as a result of your efforts. We would love to speak with you about which of our facilitation courses would be the best fit for your objectives and those of your organisation.

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