Become a Creativity Trainer with our wide range of creativity and thinking courses.

Help groups and individuals release their creative potential and become a Creativity Trainer. You will directly influence how meetings areCreativity trainer - release potentional run, how people engage, and how good ideas become a way of life in your organisation. When you partner with Holst, you are assured a quality trainer certification. Choose from our range of thinking and creativity courses.

Six Thinking Hats®

Change how people think with Dr. Edward de Bono’s courses, including the brilliant Six Thinking Hats. Get groups working together for better outcomes.

Lateral Thinking

Of course, our Edward de Bono suite would not be complete without the one and only Lateral Thinking training. Dr Edward de Bono personally developed Lateral Thinking. This is the original course. As a Creativity Trainer certified to present Lateral Thinking, you will train others in this, the flagship of all innovation processes.

Power of Perception

The Power of Perception was previously known as DATT. It teaches 10 mental models to literally direct and focus thinking. It’s deceptively powerful! You will teach others how to explore a subject deeply and derive better solutions.

Creative Teams

Are you looking to teach groups in how to run shorter creativity sessions? If that is the case, our Creative Teams is the perfect solution. Fast and effective are the tools are what you will find in this creativity course.

As a Creativity Trainer, you will learn the basics behind creating the conditions for great outcomes. You will learn how to train others to contribute constructively and motivate people around the unlimited possibilities created when their thinking skills are developed.

So few people take advantage of the benefits gained from focused thinking. As a Creativity Trainer, you will show them how they can do exactly that. The benefits extend beyond a person’s professional life to each individual’s personal life as well. Many people tell us how much these tools and techniques help them with their own families and friends.

If you are looking for flagship courses to bring to your colleagues and clients, look no further than our courses in thinking and creativity.  You will be mentored every step of the way. As a Creativity Trainer, you will provide people with the tools to change their lives and add real, tangible value to their organisations.


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