Level 1 | Giving Feedback | Part of the flowprofiler® Interpreter Series

Level 1 | Giving Feedback | Part of the flowprofiler® Interpreter Series A 3 hour interactive virtual workshop filled with opportunities for you to practice. Your fully certified facilitator will lead your session and provide you with a digital workbook to support your learning. HOW TO BOOK The eqflow® assessment was simple to complete and

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flowprofiler dimension labs from holst

Upcoming workshops flowprofiler® dimension labs from Holst

Develop your personal effectiveness across emotional awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and regard for others with flowprofiler® dimension labs from Holst. This month sees the launch of the flowprofiler® power skills series of dimension labs. This is a series of one hour sessions where we dive into emotional intelligence and resilience. The goal is to help people

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flowprofiler® dimension labs | Self-Esteem

As with self confidence, self-esteem is often misunderstood. It can easily be confused with the perception that only loud, dominant and perhaps arrogant individuals have self-esteem. However, this power skill dimension is much more nuanced. Self-esteem is a dimension of resilience. Resilience is one of those soft skills that has been traditionally difficult to quantify,

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return to the office

All Change Here | The Return To The Office

Create a supportive workplace culture that allows your returners and new hires to adjust back to a new office routine. “It’s been incredibly hard mentally for us all too and we need to be mindful of this as we start to ask people to come out of their sanctuary and return to work again. It

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managing talent

Managing Talent in the Post Covid Era

There is no doubt that a year of on/off lockdown, unplanned remote working and economic upheaval has propelled workplaces into a new era. The prospects for growth are exciting for those agile enough to take their opportunities in the talent market. Effective and innovative talent management will be more important than ever to be sure

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flowprofiler dimension labs®

flowprofiler® dimension labs Develop your personal effectiveness across emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation with flowprofiler® dimension labs. HOW TO BOOK The eqflow® assessment was simple to complete and the results were fascinating. I’m really looking forward to working on my emotional intelligence under pressure! Marketing Executive Objectives Define the dimension and link the behaviour to

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self confidence

flowprofiler® dimension labs | Self-Confidence

How do you define self-confidence? We tend to think of confident people as the most dominant in the room. Attracting all the attention. Talking the talk, taking the plaudits and loving the limelight. We then compare ourselves to these people and frequently decide that we come up short. It’s demoralising. We tell ourselves that we

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social awareness

flowprofiler® dimension labs | Social Awareness

The phrase ‘in a world where you can be anything, be kind’, is often bandied around, with #BeKind tagged on Instagram over 10m times. But being kind isn’t what we actually need in the workplace. What we really need at work is emotional and social intelligence – specifically social awareness. Along with regard for others,

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regard for others

flowprofiler® dimension labs | Regard for Others

A dimension of social intelligence, having regard for others, is a crucial team skill. Discover more about what it means to have regard for others with flowprofiler® dimension labs. Alongside social awareness, regard for others is a dimension of social intelligence, which is key to the development of and maintaining strong workplace relationships. It seems

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