Business Communication Skills

Our business communication skills courses teach people to think, speak and write with impact!

Business communication skills for impact!

You will stand out in the crowd with great business communication skills. Great business leaders are great communicators.  It doesn’t matter if you aspire to be a Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or the best you. Our business communication skills courses will give you an edge. You can become a master who has a big impact with just a little practice.

You will have confidence when you:

  • Put forward ideas.
  • Express yourself professionally.
  • Constructively challenge assumptions.


Our business communication skills courses:

Engage Your Reader

Our written communication skills features a great course called Engage Your Reader. Engage Your Reader teaches you the tools professional writers use. You learn to plan, draft and edit your documents for greater impact. You will engage your reader, get to the point and achieve better outcomes with Engage Your Reader.

The Polished Presenter

We offer a wide range of verbal communication skills courses. Our portfolio includes The Polished Presenter.  The Polished Presenter teaches basic presentation skills in an extended one day course. This workshop is designed to build the confidence of beginner and intermediate presenters. It is fun, hands on and dynamic. You will leave with a video of how you improved throughout the day. It is a terrific standard for good presentation and communication skills in any organisation.

Dynamic Speaking®

Dynamic Speaking® teaches you how to become a more dynamic speaker. Each individual is encouraged to identify and build on his or her strengths. Dynamic Speaking® works with your core beliefs and values to bring out your best. You will leave with personal tips.

Written Communication Skills

Our clients tell us that  poor written communication skills frustrate them. Senior stakeholders waste time reading poorly written documents. They despair at sentences that have no point. They find themselves playing the role of editor and often rewriting documents altogether.

Tertiary education often encourages lengthy and wordy documents. This occurs when word targets are set for essays and dissertations.  Students rarely come to grips with the needs of future employers. They enter the workforce with little or no knowledge of what good writing looks like. We come across many people for whom poor written communication skills haunt them for much of their careers.

“Writing isn’t letters on paper.
It’s communication. It’s memory.”
– Isaac Marion

We believe everyone deserves the benefit of knowledge. They deserve to know where they are going wrong and what they can do about it. Good written communications skills can be taught in just one day. When you attend our course you will learn the hot tips professional writers use. Writer’s follow a good writing system to achieve clarity, brevity and impact in their writing. You will learn such a system.

Many jobs require written communication skills. The type of writing you do might range from PowerPoint slides through to lengthy technical reports. The rules and your purpose are the same. You need to make sure your time-limited reader is engaged.

We chose Engage Your Reader as our written communication skills course because of how the course is put together. Engage Your Reader gives you plenty of chances to practice what you learn. You will leave an Engage Your Reader course with tools which allow you to analyse your writing. You will be able to quantify the impact of your writing on your readers. Most importantly, you leave knowing how to adjust your writing for your desired outcomes.

Engage Your Reader is copyright of Chalmers International PTY.

Verbal Communication Skills

Verbal communication skills are top of the list for many companies. Hart Research Associates completed a study in  2013. It showed that 93% of employers consider good communication skills over relevant tertiary qualifications. The research also showed that 75% of employers consider good verbal communication skills to be a condition of employment.

Business acumen relies on good verbal communication skills. Your ability to be understood, engage people, and share your vision is a key to your professional success. You will want to sound like an expert whether you are starting out in your career or you are an experienced professional.

‘93% of employers consider good communication skills over tertiary qualifications.’
  -Hart Research Associates 2013


Presentation skills are an important part of formal communication skills in the workplace. Attending a presentation skills course can help you develop the basics and give you confidence at the front of a room. The Polished Presenter teaches you these skills in an extended 1-day course. You will leave with a toolkit of strategies, hint and tips to create and deliver successful presentations. The best part of this program is you will have a chance to focus on the topics you want to spend time on. Your group will choose and agree on the elective modules they want to cover on the day of the course. The Polished Presenter is different because it puts you in the driver’s seat for your learning.

We love the saying “33% of people will love you. 33% of people will hate you. 33% of people will be indifferent.” With those odds you might as well get comfortable in your own skin and celebrate your strengths. A Dynamic Speaking Course will help you in just 1 day.

Chalmers International developed Dynamic Speaking® in recognition that all the tools in the world won’t help you if you don’t believe in your skills. This course is all about you! Your certified instructor will guide you as you discover what makes you unique as a speaker. They will then help you identify ways to leverage your differences.


In what order should I take my verbal communication skills training?


#1 The Polished Presenter. Get the basics of good presentations skills. Have the tools to deliver a competent presentation.

#2 Dynamic Speaking®. Be a brilliant you! Discover what could make you a more dynamic and interesting speaker.

There is a long standing case for good business communication skills. Anyone can improve, be taught, and change how they communicate for better outcomes. We look forward to welcoming you and your people on one of our public or in-house courses.

Our talented team of trainers are fully accredited. They have commercial experience and care about your learning journey. Your trainer will make sure you are in safe hands on you business communication skills course. Choose one of our great courses and change the way you communicate.

Communication Skills
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