Our impromptu speaking course is a fun, dynamic, interactive workshop!

Impromptu Speaking Course

ThinkSpeak™ is our impromptu speaking course that teaches you literally how to respond on the spot and under pressure. You will learn to deliver precise, engaging messages that will ensure you are remembered long after you finish speaking.

The tools, tips and techniques we teach are drawn from a blend of advertising, media communication skills and best practices in business communication. They are well established across industries, professional speaking groups and well practised by business leaders around the globe.

Our 1-day impromptu speaking course is fun, practical and full of opportunities to practice. Links and applications are made to the workplace at every learning stage. The teaching examples we use are up to date and a user-friendly workbook will support your learning journey.

On a ThinkSpeak™ workshop we won’t overwhelm you with jargon. We teach simple and effective methods well. This way we give you the best chance of applying the techniques with confidence and competence when you are on the spot and under pressure.

Duration 1 day
Course size Maximum 15 participants
Price £450 + VAT

In-house courses start from £336 + VAT per person

Course objectives:

  • Engage your listener – on the spot
  • Deliver precise messages
  • Be remembered
  • Apply your knowledge to different types of speaking situations

What to expect:

  • A fun, practical 1 day impromptu speaking course
  • A fully certified and experienced trainer
  • A full workbook and learning materials
  • Post course online learner’s resource

The benefits:

  • Stand out from your peers with strong effective communication skills
  • Sound like the expert you are
  • Gain confidence that your messages achieve the purpose you intend

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Effective communication skills are a cornerstone of organisational health, employee wellbeing and strong leadership. Our impromptu speaking course ensures individuals and teams are more effective, precise and memorable communicators. Post-course, delegates have access to password protected online resources which will help to embed their new skills into everyday life.

ThinkSpeak™ Post Course Support Resources

Course requirements:

You will be asked to bring at least 3 work related questions to your training. These questions should be a little more sophisticated than the tongue in cheek “can you get me a cup of coffee?” We suggest they might be questions you’ve been asked in the past that you feel you could have answered more effectively. You might also consider bringing questions you anticipate you might be asked in the future.

There is an opportunity here for you to stretch yourself in a safe, risk-free learning environment. The primary purpose is that you have questions, relevant to your work life, to which you can apply the techniques you learn. This will help make the skills taught on this impromptu speaking course easy to apply once you leave the classroom.

Your trainer will help you develop questions on the day if you are struggling for ideas.

In House Courses

In House Courses

Bring a ThinkSpeak™ course in-house. Work with your people to build a great standard for impromptu speaking in your organisation. This is a highly cost-effective way to train your people.

From £336 + VAT per person

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Public Courses

Public Courses

We only use quality venues such as the Henley Business School in the South East, Ettington Chase in the Midlands and etc Venues in central London. Free Wi-Fi, lunch and refreshments are all included.

From £450 +VAT per person

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Trainer Certification

Trainer Certification

Certify as a ThinkSpeak™ trainer and enjoy the satisfaction of helping people discover the joy of good impromptu speaking. This is a full certification and you are supported throughout your learning.

From £2,500 + VAT per person

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