4 Ways to Achieve Visual Impact

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Create Visual Impact from Holst

You’ve got great content.  You know exactly what to say and how you want to say it.  But the job isn’t done yet.  Now it’s time to look at your layout to give your message the impact it deserves.

It seems such an easy task, but setting out your document so that you reader actually want to read to the end is a skill in itself.  Here are four need-to-know rules to get you on your way: Keep your margins wide 
    • Aim for 3-4cms all the way round
    • Justify left. Right-hand justification is less easy to read
    • 55-60 characters per line
Vary your paragraph length 
    • Keep paragraphs to 4-5 sentences
    • Leave a blank line between paragpraphs to ‘declutter’ your page
Add headings to your page 
    • Add 2-4 headings per page to guide the reader
    • Number headings if appropriate
    • Use different type sizes & appearance to show changes in heading levels
Include pictures, charts and other graphics 
    • They break up the text to make your page more inviting
    • They help your reader to grasp information quickly
    • Points are easier to remember and find again

You’ll learn all this and much more in our terrific workshop Writing Dynamics . Find out how Writing Dynamics gives you a writing system to get the best out of your business writing.

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