Gareth Southgate

Leadership & Teams: The Southgate Approach

Missing that penalty has been part of Gareth Southgate’s life for 25 years. But the experience has given him the insight to lead and the drive to develop. “The things you go through in life shape the way you want to deal with people”. Gareth Southgate The word ‘want’ is key. This is a choice,

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flowprofiler case study

flowprofiler® for teams – the Waterfield case study

Written for teams and easy to use, the flowprofiler® team reports can be used in team sessions, for benchmarking and team profiling. We talked to Waterfield about their experience of flowprofiler® assessments, team reports and facilitated sessions. The flowprofiler® Case Study: Waterfield Fiona Nuttall – The Setting The team took the resilienceflow® assessment during the

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